"Stoop Kid's Afraid to Leave His Stoop​!​"

from by A Fighting Chance



They say "Another year older is another year wiser", but they must have never met you. Was one year all it took to say good bye to everything you knew? Believe me when I say I never wanted things to be this way. And it's killing me that you'd trade your individuality for a sense of safety. I've given everything and you've given nothing at all, but you'll be on the short end while I'm standing ten-feet-tall. Because we only get one life to live and I'll take my chances with the time I'm given. You may never see, but this is right where I need to be. Do you still mean those words you said at 17 or did you grow too old to care? You were the one who shot for the sky and never settled for less 'cause now your backbone's buried in the back of your closet where you laid your dreams to rest. And it seems to me that you can't see (you can't fucking see) that your easy life and your 9-to-5 are just not for me. This is my brand this. This is my heart worn on my sleeve. This is my home and this is my family.


from Before You Forget EP, released April 5, 2014



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A Fighting Chance Honesdale, Pennsylvania


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