Matt's Backyard

from by A Fighting Chance



I couldn't wait for this summer heat to come back to the Northeast. For late nights and streetlights on the sidewalks we call home. Just searching for something to do 'cause we're still creeping the Turkey Hill on Main St. 'cause we've got nowhere to go. So please tell me I can come over soon. I've been spending one too many nights alone. I'm feeling so burnt out like bonfires in Matt's backyard. I'm holding on, but staying optimistic is getting hard. I don't need palaces, I just need a place to lay my head. I don't need to win, I just want to know I made a difference. And I've been living off spare change and Sheetz, but that's alright with me. I'm just trying to fill the spaces between awake and asleep. So now we're heading to the Keys just to see the Foxes play some show we've already seen 'cause I know "Florida" might just get me through this week. And my time's been spent just taking breaths to stay above in this ocean and keep my head above the waves. And my heart's been sinking with the temperature these days, but I just can't blame September for this.

And you say "Don't cave, keep your head up for one more day. The season's need to change for summer to come back again. It's not defeat, it's a setback. It's a test of your resolve, so hold strong and don't break."


from Before You Forget EP, released April 5, 2014



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A Fighting Chance Honesdale, Pennsylvania


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