A Fighting Chance

by A Fighting Chance

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released March 1, 2013



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A Fighting Chance Honesdale, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Set Sail
Late night park bench conversations with a former friend about current events. This bar downtown stole my soul, it stole my friends. So have another drink and try to say it's all the same, that your friendship and belief in me will never change. I can see your insincerity. It's eating you away. There's no point in trying to hide my pain, you see it. And I'm trying hard to think that we can still be friends. As I waste away, I'm looking forward to the end of this relationship. I'm sick of it, I don't want to pretend. There's no point in trying to hide your pain, I feel it. There's no point in trying to fight this feeling anymore. So sail away. Take me today 'cause this high tide washes everything away. I swear I can remember the first day that we met. You and I were 'thick as thieves', but now I feel like we're lost in transit. And every minute that I wish that I could lay awake would be another chance to tell you that I'm going away. I wish the rain would come and wash everything away. There's no point in trying to hide the pain I feel when I think about the times we had and if they were all for nothing.
Track Name: Intensity
Hey man. You think you've got something going on? You couldn't be more wrong. You're lying to yourself and you're lying to me. Don't try to play this off like there's nothing wrong. It's obvious now that there's a problem. Open up your eyes and try to see. I tried to defeat it. I tried and succeeded. I know it's not easy, try to believe me, you've got to see your self worth and know that every moment spent on this earth matters not only to you, but to everyone around. I can feel the intensity. It keeps on creeping up inside me and I can see that same situation in you. So don't try to play this off like you know it all. It's bigger than you, but you can solve this. Take my hand and listen to me. There came a time when I realized this stupid shit can't control me, but now's the time that I realize there's something out there for me.
Track Name: Time Well Wasted
Thoughts of the last 7 years keep flooding back to me. I regress on past experiences. (I) hope to God that you all, you don't regret this. We had everything that we could need including promises we couldn't keep and they broke our backs and they dragged me down, but I've turned that around and now I stand alone in this bedroom I grew up in. The feeling of defeat is overwhelming me. Call it another shot, yea, call it what you will, 'cause I know I've seen this story before. Although these walls have crumbled down, the foundation still remains. And I know I've failed before, but I won't let this place become my grave. I had the world in the palm of my hand. Now it's slipping away from me. Can't forget all the time that I've spent here, won't forget all the time well wasted. Now I'm searching inside of me to find that person that I used to be, but he's gone. Yea, things change. Yea, life changes, but I still hold onto these memories. And I will fight bloody-knuckled and bruised just to recreate what I had with you. And I will fight bloody-knuckled and bruised, but you're never coming back. But I came back.
Track Name: Nowhere, PA
Left behind in the wake of integrity holding strong to the stupid shit I believe. Do I try too hard? I don't think I've tried enough. This is compulsion. This is rebellion. I can't spend my life here, I'm wasting away. Tired of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, I'm dreaming of the life that lies beyond and we can get there. Yea, we can get there. Breathe in, breathe out. We're gonna take back this town 'cause the people and the bullshit and the rumors never change. They're the same old shitty stories and they always end the same. We all just wanna be free from this so we'll pack our bags and head for the state lines. This town's not dragging me down this time. I confide in this church down on 12th St., searching for something other than God to save me. (I'm) waiting for the day day when I'll be set free, (but) the 'star' I wish upon is just as trapped as me. So this is compassion and this is reaction. I've spent so many nights here and I'm not sure what to say, wrapped up in small town, Pennsylvania. I'm hoping that you feel the way I do, so here we go. We're breaking through. We all, we all just wanna be free from this.
Track Name: Next Year
I can't help thinking about the future. This chapter of my life keeps creeping closer to the end and the author's missing any chance to finish gracefully. It's been 5 years since I've left home and I'm not closer to my dreams than when I began. The younger me is probably shaking his head in dismay, but what the fuck does he know anyway? The stereo finally gave me hope and this uphill battle may not be lost. If I can hold it together for one more year this could all be worth the wait. After all these nights feeling so alone, the '570' is starting to feel like home. If I can hold it together for one more year, Pennsylvania might be just another state in the rearview mirror. I couldn't find a reason to get out of this bed 'cause this apartment's fucking freezing and the electric bill is getting harder to pay. I spent all this week in a haze 'cause I can't find a way to make myself feel right, but with my friends right here I just might. I can't seem to find a way to get this off of my chest, but I'll have you know my back's not broken yet.
Track Name: Let's Shoot For A Hit
I broke down today in my room, let every emotion pour out and onto the floor. I just want some fucking closure. I can't stand this feeling that I'm alone anymore. So take these words to heart and believe that we won't go down easily. We'll use pen and page to pave our way. Today, you will know our names or be swept away. This is everything I am and everything I need and every dream that I have ever seen since I was a fucking nobody confined to a town too small to control me. And everything I will ever need will be waiting on the next heartbeat. This is the life I lead, I'll never be afraid. So, either sing with me or get the fuck out of my way. Just get out of my way.